Q. What is the release date of your next game?

A. Video game development is a process that implicates numerous skilled trades as well as external businesses, such as game editors.  As well, it must be taken into account that each game must be adapted for your favorite platforms (being Android, iOS, etc.)  It is therefore difficult to project the official release date of a game.  To ensure that you don’t miss the launch, become a fan of our BlooBuzz page on Facebook and visit the BlooBuzz web site for the latest news and upcoming events.

Q. I’ve changed my mobile device and no longer have my BlooBuzz game.  How can it be recovered without having to pay again?

A. You can recover the game via your Google Play or App Store account.  You must connect to the site to recover everything that you have purchased through the sales platform and reinstall on your new device.  If in doubt, contact the appropriate platform’s support for more information (Google Play, App Store, etc.)

Q. I’m having difficulty during the transaction process when purchasing the game. Are you able to help?

A. All transaction related issues are supported by the sales platforms (Google Play, App Store, etc.) You must communicate with the support platform through their respective Web site, where detailed information is available to resolve this type of problem.  However, if the issue is regarding the playability or detail of a game, please contact BlooBuzz directly: support@bloobuzz.com

Q. I found a bug in one of the BlooBuzz games.

A. If you are facing a bug in one of our games, contact us at: support@bloobuzz.com. We strive to fix as many bugs as we can every time we are launching an update but sometimes new bugs may come up or unforeseen circumstances may arise, preventing us from fixing it immediately. It is always possible to see your problem solved with a previous update, in which case you will be notified as soon as it becomes available. It is probable a bug cannot be solved. However, we endeavour to find alternative options. If it is a recurring bug – for many players for instance – we will attempt to fix it in a timely manner.

Q. The price of the items is changing in The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2.

A. You noticed numerous changes in the price of the items in the game? This is due to the daily maintenance we need to carry out within the application in order to strike a functional balance acceptable for the entire community of players. Our goal is to find an ideal difficulty level, one that would be neither too easy nor too difficult so you can fully enjoy the game.

Q. How to get free scarabs in The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2

A. You want to get more golden scarabs without having to pay anything? We have the perfect solution for you! Go to “the market” and choose from the different options the one that seems more appealing to you. Then, complete one or many of these actions and get your scarabs for free! If you completed an action but did not receive your scarabs right away, wait a few minutes. Then, if you still do not have them, close the application and open it again. If by that time you still haven’t received your scarabs, contact Tap Joy directly at: mobilehelp@support.tapjoy.com in order to get help.

Q : Do I need a connection to the Internet to play The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising 2?

A. Since we have worked in maximizing your gaming experience with the application, it now requires you to have a connection to the Internet at all times so you can play. If you do not have a wireless connection, activate 3G or 4G on your mobile device so you can access the application with relatively little data usage.

Q : I would like to test some games for BlooBuzz. How does it work?

A. BlooBuzz is now allowing you to join its Beta-tester Team with no restrictions on age or location since everything is done online! Register HERE and help us making high-quality games by testing them before they hit the market. If you are already a member of our Beta-testers Team, but would like to unsubscribe, click HERE.

Q : In the main episode of Pyramid Rising 2, the second Bonus Level is not available to play.

A. Go to “My Palace” with the WorldMap, in the top right corner, there’s a Facebook ”share” button that will unlock this level.

Q : When will you add new levels to Pyramid Rising 2?

A. Despite the fact that many players love playing new levels in Pyramid Rising 2 and extend their adventure, we decided to take a break from releasing new levels. The game initially contained 65 levels to which we added more than 120 new levels! Although the game was not designed for additional content, we worked it out so our fans could play it again and again, for free! But now, we are currently putting our efforts in our new upcoming Timebuilders games: Tribes of Wawaloo and Rails to Gold. These new games will take you to a completely new adventure, with new characters and a whole new bunch of challenges!

Q : Help! My game is not loading anymore.

A. For Android:
First, you will have to exit your game and go back to the main menu. Once in the main menu, please select the quit/exit option. After your game is closed, you can also turn off your device. We recommend you save any progress or documents you were working on, then hold the power button and select turn off. Once this process is completed, you can restart your device and load your game again.

For iOS:
You will have to force close your app/game by double tapping the “Home” button, and then a multitasking screen will appear with your recently opened apps or games. Please go to the game icon, hold your finger on the game window (on top of the game icon) and slide your finger towards the top of the screen. (Please note that you need to slide your finger on the small window on top of the app and not the app icon) Once the game is closed, you can shut off your device by holding the power button and then select turn off. Once this process is completed, you can restart your device and load your game again.

Q : My game is saying that I require an internet connection in order to play, but I have one!

A. If you are using a WiFi connection, you may need to restart your router and/or modem in order to have a constant connection to the internet. In order to reboot your router, you will need to press the reset button for 5 seconds which is located behind the machine. If you do not have a reset button or cannot find it, un-plug the power cord and wait for 10-15 seconds before plugging it in again.

For the modem, you will have the un-plug the power cord, remove the battery (if you have one) and wait 10-15 seconds. You may reattach your battery and re-plug the power cable once the 15 seconds are over.
(We suggest consulting the manufacturer’s website or manual for more information on the modem/router.)

Q : I keep losing the connection to my network and cannot play my game anymore.

A. We can help you troubleshoot your device to re-establish a connection with your network. First you will have to go to the connection settings on your device (We suggest consulting the manufacturer’s website or manual for more information on how to find that menu). Select disconnect the device from the network you are currently connected to, wait 10-15 seconds and reconnect the device to the network (you may be asked to enter your network password). Please try connecting to a website (google.com for example) using the internet browser on your device to make sure you are connected.

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